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Cambridge Area Awana Club

Ready to Join Awana Club?

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for Sunday Sessions

Every Wednesday after school we meet to learn, grow and reach more kids for Jesus!

It's so cool to see new faces join right in during games, large group and small group times.

There is nothing more significant to give your child than a faith in Jesus Christ.


Our Awana Club includes a welcoming environment for children and adults to thrive as they learn the Truth about Jesus and the Bible.


A mid-week experience ensures the proper format for fun and learning. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in music and games, large group and small group activities and most importantly learning how the Bible can be their lifelong guide!

Sunday Sessions

We believe Sunday school is a crucial component of our spiritual growth.  Children learn in an environment that is exciting and where leaders love to teach! Sunday sessions are designed to provide a foundation for faith. Willerup provides a multi-disciplinary approach to learning and sharing in a classroom setting. Six week sessions provide an opportunity for your child to build their own foundation based on God's Word which will provide stability for their whole life!

Spring Session 9 AM Sunday, April 16 --May 21 Gospel Foundation: Repentance, Trust, Purity, God's Ultimate Authority, Eternal Life and Accountability

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