Women's Retreat: Week TWO

Come join us for a SECOND time of creativity! 

Saturday, July 23 from 9am to 2pm!

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"I want to be the 'me' God wants me to be! I want to grow through the Creation stories of my life."


Retreat speakers Tina Langhough and Beth Turner will give us practical tools to help us understand our story, who wrote it and why it is essential for us to know we are loved by God who created us to be unique, one of a kind masterpieces. 


Learn more about them here.


Awaken: Week Two 

1. Opening worship begins at 9am.

2. It's open to all women.

3. We've designed the retreat to CONTINUE to be an 'awakening' and our hope is to initiate a process of transformation for you.

4. Being healthy requires a skillset--we will share tools that can help every woman wherever you are on life's journey.

5. Your story matters. You are important. Your voice and creative influence are essential to the world and we feel it is time to explore how God uniquely created you to flourish. 


6. Let's continue our creativity process and our desire to build enriching relationships!


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