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For 106 years...we've made an impact!

Willerup Bible Camp was founded by deeply committed Christians in 1915 with a desire to create a sacred place of learning, worship, friendship and growing closer to Christ. Summer camp is the time and place where many active Chistians confess their faith became real. Bible Camp allows campers to create a healthy faith that will last a lifetime.

Participants from all walks of life attend camps or create their own camp experiences for meaningful impact year after year. Outdoor programs provide unique opportunities for personal growth and development, but always leave room for plenty of fun. Willerup Bible Camp ignites a passion for learning and exploration, and campers leave feeling fulfilled and inspired. Ready to take part in the action or create your own camp? Come join us for your next adventure.


Immerse Yourself

“Experience is the teacher of all things”


Learn. Explore. Grow.

Willerup Bible Camp is a unique Christian Camp that empowers campers and leaders alike to grow and develop as they discover new skills and interests. It strives to create a safe, experience-rich environment that will lead to incredible adventures and endless memories.

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