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Home Series for Advent
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Advent is a time when we celebrate the arrival of our Messiah! We also long for His second arrival which for many is considered a homecoming experience of epic proportions.

Study the gospel of Matthew with us and cultivate your faith as we kindle the fires for our true 'home.'

Access our Advent 'Home' Devotional here


Join us for this time honored event! We will sing Christmas hymns, light our tree and celebrate the season!

Light refreshments will be provided--make room for Jesus this Advent season!

Be part of this! Attend the ceremony December 16 at noon. We will put a wreath on each headstone of our cemetery. There are 45 veterans whose names will be remembered this year. Local officials, VFW, and families will participate in this event.

What's Happening: What's Happening

You're invited to walk with us. January 6, there is light, sometimes it is brightest when life seems the darkest.

Leah Rolando, with Safe Communities will be our guest!

Walk at 5pm

Talk at 6pm

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