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James the Just Sermon Series


The New Testament book of James offers a compelling call to live out our authentic Christian faith in a world marked by trials and temptations. Its teachings challenge us to examine our hearts, prioritize humility over pride, and actively pursue righteousness. By immersing ourselves in James, we discover practical guidance for navigating conflicts, cultivating a steadfast faith, and demonstrating God's love through acts of mercy and justice. Applying its content empowers us to be doers of the Word—and not hearers only, impacting our lives and the world around us for God's glory.

Summer Intensive: Fasting
               Sundays at 5pm July 9-30

Be with Jesus.
Become like Jesus.
Do what Jesus would do.

Biblical fasting, a sacred discipline engraved in the Scriptures, holds the key to unlocking spiritual breakthroughs and encountering the presence of God. By willingly setting aside temporal desires, we create space for the eternal to manifest in our lives. Fasting is not merely about abstaining from food; it is a profound act of surrender and consecration. In the midst of our physical hunger, we discover a deeper hunger for righteousness, intimacy, and divine revelation. Fasting humbles our hearts, breaks chains of bondage, and ignites a fiery passion for God's purposes. It awakens our spirits to the whispers of the Holy Spirit, aligning us with God's will and empowering us to walk in His supernatural power. Through fasting, we embrace a sacred invitation to encounter the divine, transforming us from the inside out and ushering us into new dimensions of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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