Progressive Christianity can be a bit difficult to spot because typically speaking, progressive Christians aren’t united around an official creed or set of beliefs. In fact, progressive Christianity emphasizes action over belief; what you do over who you place your faith in.


They use much of the same vocabulary as historic Christians, practice many of the same sacraments—like baptism and communion—and may even sing hymns and recite ancient creeds and liturgies. However, for progressive Christians, these words, phrases, sacraments, and traditions take on a whole new meaning. Join us to learn more!

Growth Groups

Willerup has all kinds of growth groups! There is always room for you! Contact pastor@willerupumc.org for more information!

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We are meant to share life's journey with one another. You are welcomed and invited to join us for a small group experience.
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Fall 2022 sessions!

Saturday Mornings at 9 AM

What does it mean to follow Jesus? Some were called apostles, disciples, apprentices and others were simply called followers. Here is a diagram that can help define what it meant to follow Jesus for you.


Resources for Redeeming Home

Start at the beginning...it's the very best place to start!

Ministry at home can seem like a daunting task. So, we have included some resources to get you started! Humility is key when we lead at home. So, start simple, remain faithful and rely on God to work within you and your family.

Resources for Bible Study

Create the place you never want to leave!

Personal Resources

It takes a bold intervention to incorporate Christian living into our daily routines. Believe you can make changes and follow through with your own development on your spiritual journey. 

More Resources

For Spiritual Life


Oswald Chambers invites us to explore the committed life: utmost.org 


CS Lewis Institute develops the apologetic in all of us:  https://www.cslewisinstitute.org/C.S._Lewis_Study_Program_Lectures


Richard Rohr has thoughtful challenges for the intellect: https://cac.org


Renovare is a method to develop our spiritual routines: https://renovare.org/about/ideas/spiritual-disciplines


Inspirational Videos about real life: iamsecond.com

For Recovery

Christian Sobriety and Support

These sites offer help, guidance and information on how to get support for addicts and their loved ones.