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Sunday Small Group Study

9:00am | Wesley Room | April 7 - May 12

Led by Bob Kenas

45 minute small group experience to discuss the book Perfect Love and sermon series. Discover more about growing to a likeness of Christ, and that it takes time. Those who have not had the small group study experience are encouraged to give this one a try. Join us!

GUYS! Sometimes it's other guys that know best how to handle the challenges of daily life while trying to be faithful to Christ. No Regrets is a seminar style discussion group. This group is open to all men.


We are not meant to grieve alone. Find a way forward and a way through grief with others like you! 

This short-term group is open to everyone!

Mens bible study.jpg

Discipleship is more than what we ever expected. If Jesus is serious, discipleship is meant to form us into His likeness. We are to become more like Him in every way. Willerup provides many ways to practice, learn, serve and grow.

Family and worship were designed by God to be life-giving and transformational. Come. Learn. Participate. Anything is possible.

Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study

We meet at Willerup every Saturday morning from 8:00-9:30am. This is a ‘nose in the bible’ study in which we are given scripture verses to read, (usually 15-40 verses) and we fill in our study sheet and come excited and ready to share our thoughts on the scripture in a unique way. 

Here is a brief description of the ABC-XYZ Study format

Here is the ABC-XYZ Bible Study Guide

Women's Retreat

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