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We want more.

Discipleship is more than what we ever expected. If Jesus is serious, discipleship is meant to form us into His likeness. We are to become more like Him in every way. Willerup provides many ways to practice, learn, serve and grow.

Family and worship were designed by God to be life-giving and transformational. Come. Learn. Participate. Anything is possible.

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Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study

We meet at Willerup every Saturday morning from 8:00-9:30am. This is a ‘nose in the bible’ study in which we are given scripture verses to read, (usually 15-40 verses) and we fill in our study sheet and come excited and ready to share our thoughts on the scripture in a unique way. 

Here is a brief description of the ABC-XYZ Study format

Here is the ABC-XYZ Bible Study Guide

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Walk where Jesus walked.

Connect with the Bible in ways you never thought possible.

Transform your faith!

Next year in Jerusalem!


Departing from Chicago, January 14 --January 28, 2024

Overnight accommodations in Netanya, Tiberias,

the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Jerash and Petra

Travel by private motor coach.

Breakfast and dinner included.


We are meant to share life's journey with one another. You are welcomed and invited to join us for a small group experience.
Contact us for more information 

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Watch for Spring 2024 


Next Session in February


What does it mean to follow Jesus? Some were called apostles, disciples, apprentices and others were simply called followers. Here is a diagram that can help define what it meant to follow Jesus for you.

Resources for Redeeming Home

Start at the's the very best place to start!

Ministry at home can seem like a daunting task. So, we have included some resources to get you started! Humility is key when we lead at home. So, start simple, remain faithful and rely on God to work within you and your family.

Resources for Bible Study

Create the place you never want to leave!

Personal Resources

It takes a bold intervention to incorporate Christian living into our daily routines. Believe you can make changes and follow through with your own development on your spiritual journey. 

More Resources

For Spiritual Life


Oswald Chambers invites us to explore the committed life: 


CS Lewis Institute develops the apologetic in all of us:


Richard Rohr has thoughtful challenges for the intellect:


Renovare is a method to develop our spiritual routines:


Inspirational Videos about real life:

For Recovery

Christian Sobriety and Support

These sites offer help, guidance and information on how to get support for addicts and their loved ones.

Leadership: Leadership
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