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Body of Evidence

There are few topics more important than the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. In his high profile Case for Christ* series, Lee Strobel pointed out there are 300 biblical passages spread across 260 chapters that reference the physical resurrection of Jesus. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston boldly states in his new book, “Christianity is based on history – not myth, legend, fairy tales or fables*.” However, along with the mountain of evidence, Dr. Johnston cautions that some 25 percent of self-identifying Christians say they don’t believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus.

So, what do you believe?

The body of evidence is staggering. The claims of Jesus’ triumph on the cross are central to Christianity and for the rest of the world. Included is a short list to begin your own determination of whether or not you believe—not only respect or know that Jesus was raised—but believe in your own heart that we too will be like him in death. (Romans 6:5)

  1. It is the only way we make sense of the suffering in our lives.

  2. Jesus foretold His death and resurrection.

  3. Jesus demonstrated resurrection power by miraculously bringing several people back to life in the Gospels.

  4. Jesus’ bodily resurrection was not what His disciples or the Jewish people anticipated.

  5. The written resources and archeology overwhelmingly support the resurrection narrative.

  6. It is the only convincing explanation for the conversion of those who didn’t follow Jesus during His earthly ministry.

  7. Everywhere the Christian faith operates, society is dramatically changed for the better.

The evidence of Jesus’ resurrection is cradled between two of the most robust historically documented cultures of the civilized world—the Jews and Romans. Few second guess the details, so why would we doubt their information regarding Jesus? Let us join with believers around the world who seek to renew their minds with truth: Because I live, you also will live. (John 14:19) We have nothing to fear. There is no reason to be hopeless. Our best days are ahead of us! He LIVES!

*Body of Proof: The 7 Best Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus—and Why it Matters Today. Jeremiah J. Johnston. Bethany House. 2023.

*Case for Christ: Evidence for the Resurrection. Lee Strobel. Zondervan. 2017

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