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What's going on with you?

It's pretty easy these days to dodge answering questions with honest answers. But, when someone whom you know well or knows you well asks, "what's going on with you?" I pray you have the right answer.

Consider this: if someone asked you, what single factor determines your potential as an effective Christian leader more than any other factor, how would you answer it?

Without naming names, we can think of incredibly gifted cyclists, golfers, football players, preachers and politicians who all lost careers and the future God was inevitably going to give them not because of competency issues because they were all arguably the best there was...they lost it all because of their character.

Skillsets or abilities didn't make them stumble. Cheating, embezzlement, corruption, sex, greed, ego or even a combo of it all did them in. Which prompts me to ask you this question: What are you working on?

How are you engaging and maturing in these areas:















This list of character-developing virtues is what we all need to work on. This list isn't just for leaders. It is for everyone. Unfortunately, few of us really talk about values. Yes, values. Do you even know yours? What you hold dear, the non-negotiable and inviolable morals you live your life by and model for your next generation.

For years, when someone asked me what I was working on, I responded with a snappy, quick answer: competency. Competency determines my capacity or how successful I will eventually become. It’s simple, right? The more competent you are, the greater your potential, the greater your potential the more successful you will become. So, we increase our expertise, learn a whole new skillset, finely tune our our already vast abilities, develop our spiritual and natural gifting, train hard, find a great mentor and spend hundreds – maybe thousands – of dollars becoming better at what we do. And that’s a great theory. Except it doesn’t really pan out.

Maybe you've heard this before:

Your competency leaves the first impression, but your character leaves the lasting impression. (Bob Bumgarner and Carey Nieuwof)

The crowd is intrigued by your competency, but your family is impacted by your character. (Frontcore: 7 Tips: This is How you Stand Out Amongst your Competitors)

As a Christian, remember this:

Your kids will never read your resume.

Your spouse needs to know he or she is your most important relationship, period.

Your friends aren’t impressed with your stats.

What they really do care you. The real you. And so does your heavenly Father.

So what are you doing today to develop your character?

After all, character will ultimately be the legacy you leave behind. And it’s the one thing that truly determines how successful you really were.

Think of some great athletes who aren’t allowed to play anymore.

Talk with some unemployed executives.

Consider the preacher with no pulpit.

Reach out to their families and colleagues. They’ll tell you what matters most.

What are you doing today about your character?

Even asking the question is a start. A good one.

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